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1851 Census for County Antrim


While the vast majority of 1851 Irish Census returns were destroyed in 1922, a significant number of returns survived, particularly for a number of parishes in County Antrim.

These 1851 Census Return Remnants, listing over 25,000 individuals resident in County Antrim, have now been transcribed and added to our census database.

The database includes the name, age, marital status, occupation and relationship to the head of household for all residents recorded within the house. Also noted are family members who had died since the last census return in 1841, along with cause of death and approximate date.

The returns available cover complete listings of households in the parishes of Aghalee, Ballinderry, Carncastle, Dunaghy, Grange of Killyglen, Kilwaughter & Larne. Some Townlands in the parishes of Aghagallon, Ahoghill, Killead, Newtowncrommelin, Rasharkin & Tickmacreevin are also included.

Townlands covered are:- Aghacarnan, Aghadavy, Aghalee, Aghalee Village, Aghanamoney, Aghanliss, Ardmore, Artnacrea, Aughnamullan, Ballinderry, Ballyboggy, Ballyclan, Ballycregagh, Ballyedward, Ballygally, Ballygawn Ballycoos, Ballygilbert, Ballyginniff, Ballyhackett, Ballyhampton, Ballyhill Lower, Ballyhill Upper, Ballykeel, Ballykelly, Ballykennedy, Ballylacky, Ballymacilhoyle, Ballymaclose, Ballymacmary, Ballymacrevan, Ballymather Lower, Ballymather Upper, Ballymullock, Ballynadrentagh, Ballynageeragh, Ballynaghten, Ballynanaghten, Ballyquillan, Ballyreagh, Ballyrobin, Ballyruther, Ballyscolly, Ballysculty, Ballytober, Ballytweedy, Ballywillan, Boltnaconnell, Boydstown, Brackenhill, British, Capanagh, Caragan, Carmavy, Carnaghliss, Carnbeg, Carncastle, Carnfunnock, Carnmore, Carrowcowan, Cloughgaldenagh, Cluntirriff, Corkermain, Craigdunloof, Craigfad, Craigfadock, Craiginorne, Craigs, Crew Park, Demesne, Derrykillultagh, Donbought, Drains, Drainsbog, Droagh, Dromain, Drumagrove, Drumanduff, Drumnadonaghy, Drumnagreagh, Dungonnell, Eglish, Evishcrow, Farnacushog, Garryduff, Glebe, Glenleslie, Gortrany, Inchamp, Irish Armberbawn, Kilcreeny, Killough, Killyglen, Killyree, Kinflea, Legagrane, Legatirriff, Linford, Lisnahay North, Lisnahay South, Lisnamanny, Loughduff, Loughrelisk, Lower Tullaketagh, Lurgansemanus, Lurganteneil, Lurgill, Magheraboy, Minnis North, Minnis South, Moneycrumog, Montiaghs, Moygarriff, Muneyduff, Old Mills Ballygally, Poobles, Portmore, Rosedermot, Saint Cumming, Sallagh, Solar, Tamnyvane, Templecormac, Tiftarney, Tiscallen, Tullaghbane, Tullyballydonnell, Tullynewey, Upper Tullaketagh.

Original spelling has been preserved in this transcription, so please be aware of surname and location variations when searching the records.

While only a small proportion of the surnames covered in the database are detailed below, the following is a list of prevalent family surnames included in the 1851 census for Antrim:-

Agnew, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Beggs, Bell, Best, Blair, Boyd, Brady, Branagh, Brown, Burns, Campbell, Carey, Carson, Clarke, Clenaghan, Connor, Cousins, Craig, Crawford, Culbert, Cupples, Duncan, Erwin, Forsythe, Glasgow, Gordon, Graham, Green, Hall, Hamill, Hamilton, Hanna, Higgins, Higginson, Hill, Hull, Hunter, Irwin, Johnson, Johnston, Kelly, Kennedy, Kerr, Kidd, Kirkpatrick, Knox, Lavery, Logan, Magee, Magill, Martin, Maxwell, McAlister, McAteer, McAuley, McCann, McCartney, McCauley, McCleary, McConnell, McCormick, McCorry, McCullough, McDowell, McGill, McIlroy, Mcilvenna, McKeown, McKinstry, McMullin, McNeill, McVeigh, Millar, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morrow, Morton, Mulholland, Murphy, Murray, O’Loan, O’Neil, O’Neill, O’Raw, Patterson, Peel, Porter, Pritchard, Rea, Reid, Robb, Robinson, Russell, Scott, Sefton, Shaw, Sloan, Smith, Smyth, Steel, Stewart, Taylor, Thompson, Thomson, Turner, Turtle, Tweed, Walker, Wallace, Watson, White, Whiteside, Wilson & Wright.

Microfilm copies of the remaining Census returns for County Antrim are held in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) under Reference MIC/5A/11-26.