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Missing Griffiths Valuation Revision Books added to PRONI online database

In March of this year, the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland provided online access to the Griffith's Valuation Revision (or Cancelled Land) Books for the six counties of Northern Ireland which has proved to be a great resource for family history researchers world-wide.

The original release was however missing 39 volumes of the Valuation books and they have recently announced that these have now been added to the existing online application at Proni Griffiths Valuation Revision Books

The database has also been updated with a number of corrections relating to missed pages, duplicates, typos etc which members of the public have identified and so is definitely worth revisiting if you have previously been unsuccessful in identifying ancestors in it.

Griffith's Valuation lists occupiers of land in Ireland in the mid 19th Century and is a great starting point for establishing what area your ancestors might be from. While the original Griffith's Valuation has been available online for some time at Griffiths Valuation at Ask About Ireland, the Revision Books now online mean that researchers can follow changes in the land ownership in subsequent years. This often provides clues as to dates of death and the names of subsequent generations of the same family.

The following list records details of the missing Griffiths Valuation Revision books which have recently been added:

Ballyclare, Grange of Doagh, Ballycorr & Kilbride (1897 - 1904)
Coggrey,Grange of Doagh & Ballycorr & Kilbride (1923 1929)
Craigarogan, Ballymartin & Templepatrick (1864 1866)
Craigarogan, Ballymartin & Templepatrick (1867 1880)
Craigarogan, Ballymartin & Templepatrick (1881 1891)
Craigarogan, Ballymartin & Templepatrick (1892 - 1899)
Craigarogan, Ballymartin & Templepatrick (1901-1911)
Craigarogan, Ballymartin & Templepatrick (1912-1929)
Rashee, Rashee (1881-1890)
Rashee, Rashee (1890-1900)
Rashee, Rashee (1890-1900)
Rashee, Rashee & Connor (1912-1929)
Ahoghill, Portglenone & Ahoghill (1865-1879)
Ahoghill, Portglenone & Ahoghill (1880-1889)
Ahoghill, Portglenone & Ahoghill (1890-1900)
Ballymena, Ballyclug, Ahoghill & Kirkinriola (1896-1901)
Ballymena, Ballyclug, Ahoghill & Kirkinriola (1896-1901)
Ballymena, Kirkinriola (1901-1910)
Ballymena, Kirkinriola (1901-1910)
Ballymena, Ballyclug (1911 1920)
Ballymena, Ballyclug (1921 1930)
Ballymena, Kirkinriola (1911 1920)
Ballymena, Kirkinriola (1921 1931)
Ballymoney, Ballymoney (1884 1894)
Ballymoney, Ballymoney (1894 1905)
Ballymoney, Ballymoney (1907 1915)
Ballymoney, Ballymoney (1916 1930)
Killoquin, Upper Rasharkin (1884 1897)
Kilraghts, Kilraghts (1864 1866)
Kilraghts, Kilraghts (1867 1887)
Kilraghts, Kilraghts (1887 1901)
Kilraghts, Kilraghts (1901 1912)
Kilraghts, Kilraghts (1912 1929)
Kirkmoyle, Ballymoney (1923 1929)
Newtownards, Clifton Ward (1918 1928)
Imeroo, Enniskillen, (1890 1909)
Imeroo, Enniskillen, (1910 1923)
Dunnamahagh, Donaghedy, (1879-1881)
Duncairn, Shankill (1906 1915)