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Aghaboy Upper, Bodoney Lower Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Ancestor Search
  • Townland
    Aghaboy Upper
  • Acres
  • County
  • Barony
    Strabane Upper
  • Poor Law Union
  • Parish Name
    Bodoney Lower
  • Province

Common Names in this Townland

Land records taken as part of Griffiths Primary Valuation of Ireland indicate that families with the following surnames were resident in this townland during the period from 1858 to 1864. Further research into these land records should enable you to discover information on the names of inhabitants and indeed follow changes in occupation of these properties into the 20th Century.

Browse Family Names by:

  • Carolan (2)
  • Mccullagh (1)
  • Mcrory (2)